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How We support through Empowerment and the power of true stories of victims and the supporting NGOs we help to do the needful

    Women and Widows Empowerment: women are homemakers. They build and take care of the family, but women are much more than homemakers. They are capable of doing a lot more and they are endowed with a lot of innate skills, unfortunately, a lot of women are marginalized in society. HADIF is here to change the tide and will empower women and widows in society, by helping them to build their capacity, educate and provide them with various pieces of training that will help them reduce their dependency on men.

    Agricultural development: HADIF will encourage and engage in agricultural research and experiments for improved farming. We will facilitate technology, farming machinery, improved seeds, agrochemicals,  storage facilities, and other required infrastructure in rural communities. We will organize outreaches and programs in agriculture for the empowerment of indigent persons in rural communities.

    Community development: We will provide, maintain and improve general humanitarian services and welfare, and public amenities, and undertake projects aimed at providing the necessities of life such as healthcare, water, sanitation, food, and shelter in communities.

    Advocacy for Change: HADIF will carry out a lot of advocacy work on a lot of issues. We intend to see a lot of change in society. Our advocacy intervention will be focused more on issues concerning women.