How it works

HADIF Fundme/Crowdfunding Platform

Hope for African Development International Foundation (HADIF)
is an organization established with the full intention to help and financially support Nigerians, and Africans guided by law to give humanitarian services where the need arises. Over time...

HADIF has helped other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to raise funds in a more organized and legitimate means raised funds for disaster victims, and educationally disadvantaged people who are out of school simply because they can not afford the hash economical conditions they found themselves in.

How does this work?
We set up a fully managed and controllable HADIF crowdfunding account based on the required categories and focused on using our algorithm to push the support. We raise funds to support the less privileged in society, ensuring that it is done transparently.

Everything is based on our competency, transparency, and capacity to build long-term support relationships within and outside the country. Over time Hope for African Development International Foundation (HADIF) has been engaged by several Non Governmental Organizations and Tech Companies to raise funds for their capital projects where necessary.