About us

HADIF Fundme/Crowdfunding Platform

Hope for African Development International Foundation (HADIF) is a Non- Governmental Organizational with a worldwide perspective of improving lives in of people in Africa. The organisation was born out of the desire to improve lives in Africa as a whole. This is because compared to other countries and continents in the World, Africa seems to be backward in a lot of things, especially in issues relating to Gender Equality, Child Abuse, Girl Child education, Rural development and Advocacy issues.

HADIF is committed  to empowering  the less privileged in the society  to enable them become financially independent so that they participate actively in the society and be successful. We intend to render help and assistance and implement schemes to provide development and humanitarian aid both directly and as partners to national and international agencies. If we look around, a lot of people are suffering and what is available to them right now, is not capable of helping them actualize their dreams. HADIF intends to assist a lot of people, as much as it can to achieve their dreams.

Hope for African Development International Foundation hopes  to complement the government support to community people in the face of competing demands on limited resources, by supporting infrastructural development and capacity building initiatives.

Hope for African Development International Foundation is registered with the Government of Nigeria through the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and our head office is located at Suite A73, Efab Mall Extension, Garki, Area 11, Abuja,Nigeria.